The new fashion bloggers’ Selfie Stick: a Toy Boy.

Dear You,

It has been a while since I wanted to tell you my opinion on a phenomenon that has become one of the plagues of the 2.0 era, which contributes to diminish the manhood of what once was the Alpha male, (now completely unable to escape the demands of his bae).

What am I talking about?

Get there now.

Initially it was just a fashion blogger wannabe thing.

Now it is a mass phenomenon.

All those girls post on their social accounts perfect shooting in HD portaying them as super stars. 

But have you ever wondered who is behind the lens?

Who takes these photos?

Since most of these girls I imagine can’t possibly afford to hire a professional photographer who shadows them in every moment of their lives and devote totally to them … who better than a boyfriend could be turned into a living selfies STICK?

The mystery is revealed.

Behind the lens there are just ordinary guys, forced to capture their girls, going along with whims, poses and frequent outfit changes.

A well known Facebook page “Boyfriends of Instagram” has immortalized these guys at work, intent to photograph their girls.

Take a look …

If you find yourself there, you probably should review your relationship.

Stop treating them like toys, or worst as selfie sticks… you have probably taken too literally the”Toy Boy” nickname.


RULE N1 in case you want to become a star Instagram: just find a boyfriend. Better if the photographer.


The Original,



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